April 2007 Desktop Screenshots

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April 2007 Desktop Screenshots

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Much the same, been using opera so decided to post a new one.

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I got it off someone at Neowin, 2 different kinds.

The one you see in my April Desktop which is AeroMaxClear, and the one in my older one which is a custom HilledSE.

Here you go.

Couldn't post both in one reply

HilledSE is to big to post, give me your email... You will have to learn how to tweak the uxtheme.dll and a few others, tutorial can be found on neowin.
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Right click desktop
Window Color and Appearance
Choose one
/me smacks Matt around some.

I've already done that :)

Bman, thanks for the link, I'll give it a go when I get back home.

I prefer the clear background :) I saw a few things around.

Gonna be posting a new thread soon for one of the guys who designs gadgets that I am using. Really gifted artist, going to see if I can perhaps setup a site affiliation :cool: Would be nice to get some more Vista oriented stuff going here than there is already.
I got the wall in the wallpaper thread @Neowin a couple of months ago. Have a lookie there :)..oh and it is 1440*900, but I believe there was other sizes as well in the wallpaper thread.
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