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13 Mar 2002
I have TweakUI XP installed, and I set the focus option so that applications may not steal it. When I check the registry, the correct key is set to the correct value to prevent focus stealing. However, at some point in the day, that key (and thus, the setting in TweakUI) is reset to allow applications to steal focus willy-nilly, decreasing property values and annoying the patrons.

Has anybody encountered this? Is there a way to lock specific registry values?
Are you changing the value in the registry and then also using tweakui?
do you a nvidia video card, I've heard that the nvidia utilities can cause this
No, I'm not changing the registry, I checked in there to make sure that TweakUI was doing its job, and that when TweakUI told me focus-stealing was allowed that the value in the registry had changed. And my video card is a powered-by-ATI Radeon 7500.
I've been checking both of them. The value for ForegroundLockTimeout will not stick. FlashCount doesn't change (but that's not the issue in any case).
Old thread, but this may be useful to somebody.

I found out what was causing the problem. Cute FTP Pro was (for some reason) changing the value of HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop\ForegroundLockTimeout to 0 every time I started the program. For anybody else having this sort of issue, use NTRegmon from to monitor what's changing that key.

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