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I struggled filing this problem as something belonging in the gaming or applications forum. I have an ISO of a (very new) game. When I put the cd into the drive, rather than auto playing (as every other cd does), my computer automatically opens windows explorer for the E: drive (my dvd drive).

So once explorer is open I attempt to double click on the setup file that would normally install the game, but a dos window opens and then immediately closes, and nothing happens. So then I went into my computer, right clicked on the E drive hoping I could select autoplay, but that wasn't an option for the disc. Last I explored the cd again and there was an autoplay file so I double clicked on that, a dos window opens, and I get and error saying "NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction." Does anyone know what this is? I have a friend who installed the same game on his computer (which is almost identical to mine, except xp pro instead of home). He had no problems... what is it that is preventing this program from running properly??

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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hmm not sure, it could possibly be a bad burn of the ISO..Take your copy to your friends house and see if it installs


Yeah thats what I'm hoping. He just moved a few hundred miles away but is returning for a visit soon. I'll have him bring his iso and see if it will install on my computer.

I was just wondering if anyone was familiar with what that error was describing so that I would know if something was wrong with my comptuer.



Not just a dos error

I have the same problem with some software even some that installed the first time around. as close as I can tell something has changed in your install of XP. I have seen sites that make reference to looking at the WinNt files and some others and Microsoft also has information on it, I have searched and looked at the files in question but I would love to know how I am suspose to read them, its all machine language, nothing readable thru word pad or notepad

The Exact Error is in a 16 bit Windows Subsystem Box that
The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
CS:04c3 IP:883c OP:63 6a 09 59 67
Choose'Close to terminate the application'
The it gives you the option of Close or Ignore, the Ignore does nothing.
The way things stand now I have a utility in the computer I cannot use because of this error, nor can it be removed, even in safe mode........
I am hoping someone with some knowledge can shed more light on this subject and tell me how to fix it. I really hate to have to reinstall XP Pro again, or just say the hell with it and go back to 98SE.......

Any help will be greatly appreciated


what file system?

if your on ntfs, make sure u have it set for long characters for dos apps,ie 8+3, nt adds ~ to to long dos names so it could cause issues. xqxtweak 6.1 free, or fresh ui tweak has options for dos.
give em a try there both sweet xp tweakers.;)

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