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Applet not working in IE7 under Vista


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Hi All,

We have an applet that works in IE6 and IE7 under XP.

But the same doesn't work in IE7 under Vista.

The applet loads up for a second in IE7 when running under Vista. But then it tries to navigate to a page "our domain name/html/browser.html". Sicne this page is not found on the server it displays a "Page not found" error.

However, when we the page is accessed via IE6 or via IE7 running on XP, no such navigation happens.

Please let me know if you have an idea on what might be wrong.

Thank you for your help,

Don't know the 1st thing about applets in Vista, so sorry can't help there.

But maybe in the interim until someone throws you a fix you could simply create "our domain name/html/browser.html". Then have it direct to wherever it is you need it to?

Not a fix I'll grant you, but maybe a botched workaround until someone cracks the problem for you will help in the short term :)

As drz01 stated, a link to the site will help you get an answer sooner.

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