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Apple to PC transfer


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My stepson is coming home from college for the holidays and would like to transfer some of his music (he's a music major) to his old PC. I'm not sure how to do this, since the two operating systems are quite different. I guess he can burn a few CD's with his MP3's (or the Apple format) and copy them into his PC. Or can we use the router (used for DSL) to connect the two machines?

I'm really clueless about the different systems and would appreciate any help.

if you setup a windows share on the PC and set it to be writeable by others
then on the Mac open smb://ipAddressOfPc/nameOfShare

then I think you should be able to drag and drop the music, this is assuming that you have a local area network which both the machines can connect to.

for reference you can do the same in most other Unix/Linux based operating systems


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You don't need to bother with the smb:// address, just open finder and click network, it'll then list the machines you can connect to/shares. Has always worked for me.

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