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Apple G5 super computer at Vargina Tech


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Seen it in my Intro to Computer class like 2 years ago :)

The guy cracked me up for some reason

And that he doesn't look like someone that would have a pony tail :p


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I don't have a dual-processor G5 because of Virginia Tech. When they were first released, the school bought all of the Duals being produced at the time, which left only single-processor machines in the stores!

It's pretty amazing that they have the 3rd-fastest super computer in the world and it only cost a bit over $5M.


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The unfortunate part about that is that the nodes all have to be assigned by hand. I used to run 720 Macs...and when these macs assigned themselves the same node , it would cancel out machines...let us go out on a merry jaunt to find the offending computers.

I used to have a small cluster of 4 g5 dual processors. :(

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