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APC Battery Backup Problem.



I just got a new Alienware computer. The power supply is 420 Watts. I plug my Computer, 22" monitor, and external hard drive into the APC. My external battery is an APC Back-UPS LS 700 (700VA/410W). Now here is the problem. When I do a self test on the APC the alarm goes off and the indicator light comes on showing me I need to replace the APC battery. Could it be that I'm drawing too much power for the APC to handle? My old computer, which had a 250 watt power supply, never set off any alarms.

If I need a new APC, I'm looking to get the Back-UPS RS 1000VA (1000VA/600W) for an upgrade price of $167 or the Back-UPS RS 1500VA (1500VA/865W) for an upgrade price of $195.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

One last thing...my APC Back-UPS LS 700 is under 1 1/2 years old so the battery should still be good.


Computer Genius
i'd say you're trying to pull too much power out of it...

420 watt computer on a 410 watt UPS...along with a hefty CRT and ext HDD...that would do it....
Isn't there an overload LED as well. If that lights up it's overload. If it doesn't it might just be the battery (which didn't show before because of the lower load).

Or you're out of power. :) A 420W PSU on a 410W is no problem at all, but that 22" probably draws >100W so that's probably it.


Zedric, you are correct. I ran the battery test and quickly unplugged my monitor, sure enough the test passed.

I just placed an order for the APC Back-UPS RS 1500VA (1500VA/865W).
Too late now, but why not just buy a 350VA Backup unit for <$50 and use it to run just the monitor?

BTW a 22 inch monitor probably uses closer to 200w. The 17 inch use about 150w.


That wouldn't have been a bad idea but I wanted to keep my area from getting to cluttered. The APC Back-UPS RS 1500VA has 6 backup connections and 2 surge.

It sure sounds like the monitor uses a lot of power when it's awake.

My monitor is the NEC MultiSync FE2111SB.


I'm trading it in.
Full price for my new APC is $299.
My cost with trade-in $195.

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