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uber-apache-noob here. I have my own apache server but I have no clue how to run it and where to start. I'd like to run it like http://drakesland.cjb.net and use it for school. Instead of bringing 100 floppy disks to school I could go download my homework from my own DNS server...any help is appreciated
best thing if you want to run yer own server @ home is to get a full package / win32 auto installer... i'm not sure if apache have brought one ouyt with just apache...

but i would personally recommend foxserv - up to you which versionu want to download... if you wantjust basic package download foxserv v.1 - 11 meg... its an auto installer which installs apache + php + mySQL... (all you need is the apache... but the others wont do any harm) - make sure you dont change the default installation path as that will fubar it up...

once installed... just go to start -> all progs -> foxserv -> control panel... a program will start up... click on 'Start Apache'... and your rolling... http://localhost/ i<-- thats the website running of yer comp right now (after installation ;))

to host more stuff / remove stuff... c:\foxserv\www\ <--- its all there :)

theres some other stuff on that foxserv control panel - such as mysql - which you dont really need unless your an advanced web designer who uses backend software...

anyway... thats it your rolling :)

if you want to access the site remotely: http:// your IP/ <--- will take you to it... (computer must be on + online + if firewall punch hole in port 80;)) or you if you have a ip which changes often can run a dns *like* programe like deerfield dns2go http://dns2go.deerfield.com/ - it will give you a URL like.. http://www.DrMetallica.d2g.com so when u installed the programme it sends your IP to there server... and when you enter http://dns2go.deerfield.com/ -> it redirects it to yer pc :) (muct have programme running

that should be just about enough to set up yer own home homework server :p


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