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Aopen vid card



Has anyone ever used any video cards from Aopen? Or know if they're stable cards to use?

I'm considering to buy a cheap Geforce 3 Ti200 128MB Aopen video card, and it looks to be a pretty good deal on it. I just can't find any reviews on the card. As far as I know, all the Nvidia based graphics cards typically perform the the same, maybe with the minor exception of some cards performing maybe 2 or 3 FPS or points lower or higher than another card based on the same chip. Which only leaves bundle software and add-on features like TV-Out as being the only real difference in considering a purchase on these sort of cards.

I read one review of this card and it performed exactly the same as a Leadtek card they were comparing it with. So, I'm thinking that my basic assumption up above still holds some truth.

Can anyone by chance pass me a few links to some reviews on this card, or maybe tell me their own personal experience with Aopen cards in general?

Thanks in advance.


they do, it's just that you don't get to hear much about them, I guess they try to be budget cards along with FIC, MSI, and Abit.


go for leadtek. i read before somewhere a review of gforce 4 ti 4600 aopen, leadtek .. and many others they were tested on same system specs e.g memory, cpu..
leadtek perfomed the beast while aopen last
sorry i forgot the web site


So far, I've only seen two German review sites on this Aopen card, and it appears by their numbers that the card by Aopen is roughly the same in performance compared to the Asus and MSI brands, give or take a few fps in benchmarks. The only time there is some sort of leap in performance is when there are high resolutions like 1600x1200x32...which maybe due to the 128MB of memory on the card.

And as far as Asus, MSI, and the like being top performers. I never stated that they weren't top performers, but mearly being some-what cheaper Nvidia graphic card solutions compared to some of the video cards avaliable at most places under several other brands that are greater in quanity and are more wide-spread along many stores.

Being cheaper on cost, doesn't dictate performance at all in my opinion, and I never stated that it did in the case of the Asus, MSI, or any other brand.


sorry, didn't know you were referring to the Leadtek. But actually, I have seen those brands pretty cheap within my area, not exactly the cheapest cards, but from what I've seen, cheaper than cards from similar companies that sell off at most retail and even a few computer stores in my area.

Personally, I don't think a few points or fps is a whole lot to worry about, sure its nice to have something that is the best in performance, but I wouldn't want to break my wallet for it, and as long as it was over 60 fps, I'm content with it...seeing as how graphic cards change as fast as they do. I wouldn't mind getting a nice stable card that wasn't too bad in performace, but was at least within the realm of the top performers, if not one of them.

here are the sites I found on that Aopen:



these are german web sites, so you may want to use babel fish or some other online translator.

Anyone know of a good american web page or something with a review on this card? I can pick it up for $60, so I'm dying to know if its worth it.


Well I think you can rest easy about the build quality of the AOpen, if they are anything like there motherboards. Maybe not the fastest on the market.. but all quality parts. :D

I wanted to get an AOpen card.. but they dont sell them in England :(

Gainward are good manufacturers too, they make alot of tweaks to there boards, one notable one is on there GF4s, the 2D quality is far superior to the rest, cos they changed the chips used on the card to a better set, just little things like that can make all the difference. But I digress, AOpen cards are good yep.

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