Aopen 2440 Burner Problem



Almost every time I try to burn a cd I get a blue screen error message. My system : OS Win XP, kt7a, 800mhz athalon thunderbird. 384 mb ram, Aopen 2440 cd rw, toshiba dvd sd-m1502, sb 5.1, asus v7100 vid card. Latest version of Nero

I have had tried to burn mp3's on numerous occassion and I usually get a blue screen stop error or my system simply freezes half way through the burn process and I have reboot my computer.. I have encountered the following stop errors:

A Stop 0xA message
STOP 0x0000001A (parameter, parameter, parameter, parameter) MEMORY_MANAGEMENT

I have installed the lastest version on Aopen firmware. I am using the window drivers. My cd writer is XP compatible.
I am trying to copy 5gb of mp3's to cd r to free up hard disk space. After six or seven failures I decided to read the Nero manual. Initially I tried to burn direct, After reading the manual I decided to save the mp3's as an image file and uncheck the Joliet option.

I successfully burned to cd's and I thought I had solved the problem but today I had two blue scren again.

I originally had 128mb of ram and I purchased a 256mb stick at costco. the ram is two different types. Would that cause a problem?

Any thoughts would be appreciated