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25 Dec 2001
Does anyone know if it possible to NOT use the AOL interface to connect to AOL? I would like to just use a regular dial-up connection without all of the crap the aol interface has.

I've tried making a normal connection using the right telephone number and changing settings, but it won't connect unless I use the interface.

Yeah I tried that on my mates AOL account, didnt work.

Best thing you can do is throw there 130192 hours of free surftime back at em, I have about 78 AOL CDs with so many hours free etc, I just use them as mats for my cups/glasses.

AOL suck :D

/me destroys AOL with an atombomb!
Well, I would get rid of it, but my wife likes the interface. It has the email, IM, games links, and everything in one screen. I think it's a slow clunky piece of s**t. Oh, well :(
you can dial-in using the interface, then just minimize the interface and open internet explorer and you will be able to browse just like normal
That's what I do now, I just hate being forced to use their proprietary interface.
nono, Qumahlin meant MINIMIZE it so u dont see the weird interface...after u minimize it fire up IE or netscape and u're good to go...
well if your like me i,m sick of there b-----y software i,m going adsl ..get some proper internet service ..:) :) :)
Just use your normal dial up/broadband account and change your AOL plan to Bring your own access. (or something like that)
I've been doing that for a few years-kids and wifey like it, I hate it and never use it. It's not even on my computer anymore.
Which reminds me-I think I have a couple of accounts to close....all them freebee's add up after a while :rolleyes:
try introducing her to MSN Explorer... got loads of things in there... e-mail, frav links, etc all in 1 interface... u can use any dial-up

I don't use it... think it's a heap of junk but may come in useful for something like this ;)

I am (unfortunately) with AOL and have to agree that their software is indeed s***e. But being where I am in the UK, its the best connection I can get (56K wise) without being booted every 2 hours. i like to leave my comp downloading stuff overnight and I have to say that the connection is very reliable. But I ALWAYS use internet explorer, never the AOL browser.
Damn, this just reminds how much I need ADSL. One small problem, and her name's Angela (missus), LOL. Not found an angle yet, but I'm working on it - any ideas?
NTL Cable?

If anyone is interested, you can get an always on 128 connection for £15 a month from NTL, not as fast as broadband, but as cheap as AOL and twice the speed, it's even cheaper if you buy rather than rent the cable modem
But don'y you have to subscribe to the TV package as well ? Or is this not the case if you buy it?
Don't use AOL Broadband!!

If you want to play online games, AOL broadband is not the service 4 u!!!!! it gives u bad ping rates!!!! be warned!!:eek:
I use homesurfer ADSL 576000kbps/288000kbps - £45 a month.

There are also others there for Analogue Line (Modem) users, bout £60 for a quater of unlimited internet access.

I find that my ping rates are as low as 100 in Quake 3 with NTL, and you do have to subscribe to their telephone service, so real cost is about £19 a month, still quite competitive, plus you can upgrade to 512k if ya like as well.

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