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Mr. Sushi

my mean sister likes to exit my AOL while it's on my name cuz of spite since she knows i'm probably just leaving it on downloading or waiting for a response from somebody. i need to find out a super top secret way to stop this. is there anyway i can stop her from exiting my program just by hitting the X button ont he top right corner?


Yeah, I feel for you. I used to have the same problem with my sister, but now that I don't use AOL anymore, it's not a problem. Now I just have to deal with my dad closing my other downlads.:rolleyes:

Anyway, I just got a program that hides programs/windows so that you can only see them in task manager, or not even there. I'll try and find the one that I used, but almost any free one will do the trick. Just go to download.com and search for hide or hider, there will probably be something there.

I also found this vb script for blocking the 'x' close button on the window of a vb created program, and one guy even described how to use the script to write a program that applies itself to exisiting programs, but I never got around to looking into it more.

Mr. Sushi

my sister will sometimes need to use the connection "really quick" and than she'll X out of it so she'll have a fit if it's hidden. about this VB thing. i'll look into it ::rubs chin::


Not sure how AOL works, but can't use set-up different accounts on your xp box and set passwords for your account. When you walk off, hit (window key)+L to soft log out (keeps dial-up connection going) and she can then log in to her XP account quickly without affecting you.

I use this process at home (I got a cabke modem) to keep my wife off my downloads (don't want her finding my stash hehehe).

Just a thought,
cheers :)

Mr. Sushi

well.. i dunno she'd go into her account . get on aoL. that would disconnect MY AOL and my downloads etc. if she got on MY aol she would just disconnect it on my name. so i dunno. is there a way i can X it out and it just goes into the task manager? like kazaa and morpheus?

Mr. Sushi

i told you, half her body is compused of pure evil. she will just open up AOL again on her name for spite to close mine! this not only closes the connection but the program too!
if you don't want someone touching and have a usb KB/mouse then yank them and hide them the usb hid(human interface driver) will take care of it , then plug them back in to use later no need to shut down or reboot,
if PS/2 KB&mouse don't do this those ports are not the same

its what i do to keep other from touching servers, set them up with usb KB&mouse then yank them while it sits running
usb is so much nicer anyway- if so many people still didn't have PS/2 stuff then it would be dead if Intel had their way, its tired technology like Isa and vesa slots


If you switch off the fast user switching in the control panel/ users/ change way users log on - when you hit CTR + ALT + DEL after logging in - you now get the option to lock the machine - also add a password to the Bios so that if she resets the machine to get around lock - she getts stuck on the bios screen - hehehehe - LOL


I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
Just hide AOL, as people have suggested. but only when your logged on to it, not completly.
You seem to want to stop her from closing it but without stopping her using it while you are, it makes no sense?


Wouldnt it really be easier to take your sister to one side..bash her round the head and say stop closing the f**ing program when your done.!! :D

Im sure she'd understand if you explained how it cuts you off too.

Its good to TALK!


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