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AoL (UK) Software removal


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One of the supporters of my successful Broadband Campaigns, is switching from AoL (UK) dial up, to BT Broadband. I have not used AoL myself, and don't know anyone who does, so I am trying to find out if the removal of the AoL software is likely to be troublesome for him.


I use aol. You know me. I would like you to compare aol broadband to the various packages that bt offer, can you get for £27.99 unlimited downloads, uptimes, free tech support and free dvd's when you join? I know the software people hate some do some don't, after I got through the teething troubles it works fine.

As for removing the aol software you just uninstall it. I do recall coming across an application that will remove all aol entries, off the top of my head I could not tell you right now, i will find it and post it sooner rather than later.


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Thanks Lee, I have downloaded that removal software, and I'll pass it on to him. I have not given him any advice as to which ISP to use. I don't know what made him want to change from AoL to BT.

He had Dial up with AoL. His Exchange got Broadband last week, and he has arranged to connect to BT Broadband on Wednesday this week.

He had heard that AoL software was difficult to remove and he asked if I knew if was.

Hope you are well. Best Wishes.


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feel almost bad to post - esp. as seems after the event, but moneywise shades of out of frying pan into fire?.... Only say so because once had AOL on dial up (nineties nightmare £wise) and now sticking on BT - but aware can do much better in the metropolis and intend to for self soon... am guessing your friend maybe limited to BT, but maybe advise him to try to keep an open mind if he values his £s (and his bandwidth)?


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AOL is a waste of money 99% of the time, they resell someone elses DSL or Cable broadband lines.

Actually AOL is much better at removing itself then it used to be 8.0 or 9.0 seem to actually clean up pretty nice via add/remove. Previous versions left probably 6,000 of the 15,000 registry entries it installs.

I do however recommend a format and reinstall after removing that massive spyware infection :p

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