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aol trying to damage my pc



While i was trying to install AOL in my pc (packard bell)XP home edition the pc was shutting down during the staps of installing AOL and after sevral try my pc shut down and show me an error page explaning that(the pc is shutting down to privent the pc from serious damage:mad: :mad: :mad: need help thanks friends popeye
heh. AOL - can't live with it, can't, oh wait, that's it.

AOL is probably one of the most invasive pieces of software I've ever had the misfortune of coming accross. Nothing but a legal worm/trojan/virus imo. You'd be better off finding a local isp and not being so concerned about 'saving' money - you get what you pay for.


Ever try Juno? Juno cost 9.95 a month. The only ad you see is when you log on. After that you surf the web like normal. No more popups. And you very seldom get bumped off. I think I been bumped twice in one year. Speed is average for dialup. But is faster than Aol in most cases. Twice as fast than a friend of mine. His download speed is 3.0k-4.0k mine is 5.0k-6.5k. Just go to www.juno.com and sign up. Ikester



This is the isp I use (when I am not in an area covered by broadband). 9$ a month, no ads whatsoever, no stupid software to leech resources; just a straight dialup connection. I have actually been trying to replace it, but over the past couple days I have tried a lot of the major companies, and none work as well as this (which really has me perplexed). About the only downside to highstream is if you are inactive for 5 mins, it disconnects you. So just get a program to keep you active. Sessions are also capped at 4 hours, but if you are using the internet for more than 4 hours at a time, reconnecting shouldn't be a big deal.
No offense everyone...but i'm sure he's considered other options, some people just wanna use aol!

As for your problems...i'm guessing your using AOL 7.0...AOL+7.0+winxp=trouble for some

goto aol's website, goto the aol download and on the left look for the option of downloading other versions. Download AOL 6.0 for windows XP, things will go MUCH smoother.


Also with Juno, There's no restriction to what I can look at. Aol restricts the sites you see. That why sometimes you type in an web address and it does not show. You figure maybe the site is down, not the case.
Also the ads that appear on Juno are downloaded to your pc. and can be deleted by going to the ad folder. There's no taking away from your bandwidth here. And like I said earlier, the ads only come up when you connect. After you get rid of each one there gone never to bother you again. The most ads I have had to pop up when I connect is two. More than 99% of the time theres only one.
And I play online games all the time with no problem.
I guess not all ad isp's are created equal.

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