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AOL Cancel Account!!!!


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Ok I called AOL cancellation thing and I told them to cancel my account they said to check my cookies? Delet them or something? What the hell are they talking about? Why do I need to delet my cookies or temorary files?


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Wait, cant I just remove AOL from my computer with the add and remove program? Then that well cancel it right?


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you have the question, i have the anser:D

cookies + temp files are just pices of stuff that get left behind on your computer from using the internet. u don't have 2 delete them, but if u use the net a lot they soon build up. 2 delete them open internet explorer. then click the tools tab + go down 2 internet options. open them. then just click the 3 button's indicated on the atched picture. when u click delete files + anouther box comes up make sure the little box is ticked b4 u click ok.

aol can just b removed from the add/remove panel, BUT this won't delete temp files/cookies.

if u wan't there are program's that do the above 4 u. (internet eraser etc)

p.s what's wrong wid aol? in england it's great!!!!!


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that kinda work's 2.

it clears out aol cache in c>>program files>>organize>>cache. but it don't delete cookies.


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henyman so if i clear the temorary files, cookies, chach whatever then it will cancel AOL? cause i alrdy cleared everything with a program called Clean Disk 2002.


_DM_ Read this carefully:

To cancel AOL, you must call them and tell them that YOU DO NOT WANT THEIR SERVICES!

Just because you UNINSTALL AOL doesn't CANCEL the account and further charges.


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I called them alrdy and they told me to delet the temorary internet files and cookies i dunno why but i did. I think they alrdy canceled it. I'm gona try tomorow cause i'm gona switch to DSL.


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When I tryed to cancel my gAy O' eL acount they gave me 3 free months service so I kept them for the next 3 months then dumped them:D


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just go to internet explorer/tools/internet options and delete cookies and temp files.. it takes care of most of them...

you can also go to start/programs/accessories/system tools/disk cleanup and select to remove your temp files if it is not selected...

this TOO will remove most of the stuff that they asked you to get rid off...

the other thing for you to do is go to WINNT on your C: drive and click on the temp folder... and delete away :)

DON'T delete the folder by the by...

else just reformat everything... sure fire way to remove temp files and cookies :D


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soz bout long wait.....

clearin cache etc just get's rid of stuff that stay's when aol is uninstalled. deleting these DOES'NT getrid of ur aol acount.

clean disk work's i belive but it don't harm 2 do the steps i detailed just 2 make sure.

it doesn't mater if u don't delete them really anyway, disk clean up will get rid of most of the files.

hope dis helps

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Ok, Aol software, is just that , software. For expample, if you buy a car and are making payments, just because you total the car, doesnt mean you dont have to pay for it.

Same here, AOL needs to cancel your ACCOUNT.
ANother example, if you borrow money from a friend to buy new hard drive, lets say, $200. You lose that hard drive or get mad and throw it out the window, well you no longer have the drive do you(software) but you still have to pay your buddy right?(AOL.your SERVICE,not software provider..

Thanks and have a nice day..:confused:


AOL sux they have little kids that steel you passwords to me AOL=Welcome script kiddies , oh and m8 AOL software is a bitch to remove mostly cos you have to wipe your HD and reinstall windows.

Maby AOL should get freed durst to advertise them he sells anything


as far as this AOL thing is concerned contact AOL tell them this.

You need to stop charging me for this crap you call the internet.

and when they ask you to calm down you say NO, I wont calm down until you stop charging me for this shi* you call service.


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scatt2k wid the dvd drive it 's a c.d rom wid a speed of 100x it also play's dvd's (though obviously slower)

as 4 the c.d writer yes i put it the wrong way round as u can c it now reads 12:8:32

12 write
8 re write
32 read

+ i didn't say u just uninstall aol 2 cancel ur acount u nonce:p

if u read i woz adressing the original problem of how 2 delete cookies:rolleyes:

zigzagcolt u wan't double or triple choc?:D

Removed unnecessary comments - Jewelzz

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