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anyone use myIE2



I downloaded this Internet Explorer conversion / overhaul last night, and so far I love it. I was wondering who else has played around with it, and if there are known "issues" with it, which I need to be aware of.

You can get it @:

No real issues that I've seen, except when it gives all the other programs focus. It's a minor annoyance, but it doesn't happen often. I'm sure they will fix it in the future.

You can add your own searches to it as well. I added urbandictionary.com, dictionary.com, and thesaurus.com, and a ripe whois search. You just type "u", "d", "t", or "whois" before your search in the address bar and you get it!

Just unzip this setupcenter.ini over your original.


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I've used it ever since I stopped using Opera 5.x and when it's url was still myie2.yeah.net. Pop-up stopper is not always very bright. I downloaded the latest version a couple days ago, and it seems to have problems with minimizing when it blocks a pop-up. Other than that, no gripes whatsover. Probably the most useful tool it has is the collector ... think of it as post-it notes. heh.


Yeah Ive noticed the pop-up killer just stops EVERYTHING, like most software it will take some tweaking. What I really like is you CAN tweak it, where IE is not very flexible.


MyIE is a great app, I love it, it's way better than avant. I wish they would fix the popup stopper, and integrate a spell checker with it though. Other than that I have no issues with it, it works perfect ..


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my favorite is that a lot of IE plugins also work with myIE I refuse to use any browser that doesnt support ai roboform. Yeah that popup stopper has issues, but I can live with them until they get fixed =) I also like how this uses IE favorites instead of its own seperate..that way I can keep the 2 in synch

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