Anyone up to converting two WordPerfect Macros to Word Macros?


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5 Apr 2002
I have two WordPerfect Macros that I need converted to Microsoft Office Word Macros. Is anyone up to the task?

I will PM the files (and/or URL to download).

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
I'll bump my own thread once. If nobody responds then I will assume nobody is able to help.
My client is using Microsoft Office Word 2003 (Service Pack 2).
I don't have Wordperfect here unfortunately, but have you tried what MS suggest as an option?

1.In WordPerfect, run the macros that you want in one document by following these steps:

a. Type the name of the macro, and then press ENTER.
b. Press ALT+F10. WordPerfect displays the following prompt at the bottom of the screen:


NOTE: To run a macro that uses the ALT key and a letter from A to Z, simply press ALT in combination with the letter that you assigned to the macro name.

c. Type the name of the macro and press ENTER.d. Repeat steps a through c until you have all the macros entered into your document.e. Save your document.

2.To retrieve your WordPerfect macros in Word, follow these steps:

a. On the File menu in Word, click Open, select the WordPerfect document that contains your macros, and then click OK.
b. Select the first macro and click AutoText on the Insert menu. Assign the AutoText entry a name and click the Add button.
c. Repeat step b until you have stored each macro as an AutoText or Glossary entry
That document relates to very old versions of Word, therefore I don't think it will work. I will forward the instructions on and have them give it a try.

Cookies for trying.
Thanks! I hope it works out :)

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Sure. I have a higher res. one too if you want that?

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