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Anyone Understand polish?

We got mentioned on this quite popular polish site:

Again, madmatts excellent active desktop guide did it :D
http://infojama.pl/article.php?sid=1323 <--- lookie lookie :D

For the non polish among us heres a rough translation by http://www.poltran.com/pl.php4 for the article:
Service known ( earlier NTFS as interesting guidebook (guide) has prepared after capabilities ) very XP-erience, that makes ignored by users principally desktop Active. If anybody < somebody > is wanted to instruct , as transform personal console e.g. in (to) something such, should throw on article eye definitely < determination > desktop Active Tutorial. Written professional language, however, there is for swallowing by less expert users. We advice.
anyone that can do better is welcome :D

hah, forgot to mention that, took about 20 minutes to load that page, went out then came back for it to fully load :D (the polish one)

but as soon as your in.. is pretty fast.



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those mac users are stupid little Sh!theads...complaining its 'extremely bloated', and that it will become useless once a program like Photoshop is open...heh


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If they only knew what they were speaking of.

Mozilla is not just a browser, Mozilla was the name for a project started by Netscape Communications when they released the source code of Netscape Navigator (hense the name for the current browser). They are total morons. I hate MAC, I hate them, I hate Neowin, I hate MAC wanna-be's, I hate stale cookies.

And that one idiot wouldn't even know where to start. He probably couldn't even code a simple clock. I hate MAC idiots more now.

I wish they would just all die.

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