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Anyone know HD benchmark app or somesuch?


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Well - background to this question is here only I thought this would be clearer as a new thread rather than a resurrection.

Latest thing is my RMA resulted in the notebook being returned today - one week later, which is quite good. Not so good was that they had incorrectly inserted the HD with the little metal flanges/clips that ground/spring load the HD in the bay protruding outwards. I reinserted myself - powered up and so far all seems well. In doing this I inspected the drive and realised I really shoulda made a not of the old s/n to assure myself I was getting replacement. Ah well live and learn, at least I have it back now.

Which brings me to my question - I know there are utilities out there for testing memory to ensure all is well, does anyone know of such a thing for Hard Drives? I'd really like to give this one a sort of decent burn in period before I go around the loop of configuring the 20 odd GB I want to entrust to my notebook... so any help would be appreciated :)

BTW before someone tells me I do realise this will possibly shorten the drives overall lifespan and that is something I am more than happy to accept given the way it crashe don me with my notebook under one month old the first time round! I really want to establish if maybe there is a Fujitsu brand problem here - then I may look into replacing with a more rugged make at my own expense. Thanks guys :)
Try HD Tach. Works fine for me. It also does write testing, so you could test the drive's longevity with a long bench. Also, any low-level formatting utility will touch every sector if you want to do that.

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