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Anyone here can recomend a good tv?



Anyone here can recomend a good tv?

Im moving to california and curious what would be a good tv to get or anyone know a good URL with TV reviews.

The TV will be used mostly for games and dvd movies.

The price range cap is $4k.

ALso if anyone knows any good stores in the pomona area to look at and purchase TVs let me know.

Your help is appreciated.



Projection, Plasma, or Tube

For tube TVs, nobody beats a Sony Wega

For projection Mitsubishi is top notch

For plasma, take a look at the Samsungs. (Pioneer and Runco are tops but $$$$$$$$$$$$$)

Go to Hometheatermag and do some browsing.

Also think about whether you want HDTV and Home Theater.

Size will depend on viewing distance. Don't buy anything that has a diagonal measurement that is more than half the distance from the set. You don't want to sit 8 feet away from a 60 inch TV - more like 10 feet minimum. If your room is 12 feet wide, take off 2 feet for TV depth and chair, that leaves 10 feet, or 120 inches. You could go up to a 60 incher!

OK. Get a 60 inch plasma TV. Oh wait...only $4k!


I have a 19" Hitachi Color TV/Monitor that I purchased in December 1984 from the BX at Yokota AB, Japan and it still has the best picture of any TV I currently or have ever owned and I have had Zenith & Panasonic TV's in the past! That thing just keeps on playing and playing and it has been shipped around the world about three times already and still has a wonderully clear picture and we watch videos on it about three nights a week and with the external speakers still sounds good! I know it'll die eventually - sure will miss it!


Sony ? you gotta be joking....I just come from my friends place and watched a dvd on a LOEWE (vitreos).you wont believe your eyes...........

Theyre not cheap, but if i ever get a new tv im getting one of those

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