Anyone have problems with Logitech iTouch software slowing shutdown?


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Hey all,

For some reason whenever I have the logitech itouch software installed on my computer, it slows down shutdown so that it takes about 8 minutes to shut down... it just stops and does nothing until it will finally shut down. Logitech released no fixes or other patches after 2.15 I think it is, and I haven't been able to fix it myself. Anyone know how to solve the problem while keeping the software on there?


I have the same problem, and to answer your question...nope.

The software is flawed, it doesn't shut down, the only solution is to back up to a previous version of the software unfortunately, or deal with it until they release a newer and hopefully fixed version.


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Same problem here. Don't get 8 minute delays, but it sometimes wiggling the mouse when the PC appears to have hung, kicks the final power-off into action. I do stress though, only sometimes
Been waiting for Logitech to sort it for last 12 months! :mad:


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thats weird...i have the itouch software and there are no slowdowns whatsoever in shutdown.
i have version 2.15.264...
have u tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software?


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Dear Sir/Madam.
Thank you for your enquiry.

Please make sure the product is connected directly to the computer, as
Logitech does not support the use of switches, adapters or docking
stations/port replicators between the mouse and/or keyboard and the actual
computer. This for the reason that there are so many possible combinations
of this kind of devices that it would altogether impossible to assure full

Now you have done a clean installation please follow the advise in my
previous mail relating to the Itouch path. Note that you must have the most
recent versions of the Itouch software and the Mouseare installed on your
system. Here is the procedure again. After updating Mouseware too please
follow these instructions exactly.

You need to download the latest drivers for your keyboard if you do not
already have them. Please use the instructions below to get the latest
drivers available.

- Make sure you are connected to the internet
- Open your internet browser
- Go to ""
- At the top of the page click on "Downloads"
- Click on the picture of the keyboard
- Click on your keyboard
- You are now brought to the download page
- Click on download

At this point you will be asked if you want to either save this file to
disk or run it from it's current location. It is recommended that you
actually save the file to your disk as if you do not have Itouch 2.15
installed you will need to use this file in replacement to the original
software that came with your keyboard. If you are a novice user then please
select either "My Documents" or My Desktop" as you will easily locate the
file again in either of these places.

Now if needed you should install the file you just downloaded. If you
encounter any problems or errors or the installation seems to be corrupt in
any way then you can use the cleanboot procedure which you was given
earlier to overcome this problem. For your reference also I have placed it
just below:

==================================Clean Boot
The problem will most likely be caused by the software being not installed
correctly. This is in most circumstances caused by some program on your
computer running in the background during the installation. To eliminate
this, please try the following:

First go into start -> settings -> control panel -> add/remove programs and
completely uninstall all components in there that belong to the product.

Then please go to Start -> Run and in here type "msconfig" (without the
quotes). This will bring up a program which allows you to modify which
programs are started up when windows boots up. On the tab labeled General,
please select the option "selective startup". This should make a number of
checkboxes available with different options that can be excluded from the
Windows startup process. Please uncheck all these boxes except for the one
marked "system.ini". Next please press "apply" and then "ok". You will then
be prompted to restart your computer. When the computer has restarted you
can proceed to install the device as normal, and once the entire
installation is complete and the device is up and running, you can go back
to the msconfig program and re-select normal startup to put things back to
==================================Clean Boot

Please do not continue with these instructions fromn here until Itouch 2.15
is actually installed successfully on your pc. If you do have an
installation problem that the cleanboot procedure cannot fix then you
should contact us again for more advise on where to proceed but you should
find you do not have a problem up to this point. Also at this point you
will still have the shutdown bug.

Next you need to download the Itouch 2.15 patch. This can be downloaded
from the Logitech FTP site. The link is provided below:

============================Itouch 2.15 Software Patch
============================Itouch 2.15 Software Patch

In the event that the patch does not altogether fix the problem you then
need to run the registry patch. The link for this is shown below:

=======================Itouch 2.15 Registry Patch PS/2
============================Itouch 2.15 Registry Patch

=======================Itouch 2.15 Registry Patch USB
============================Itouch 2.15 Registry Patch

You should find now that you no longer have the shutdown issue you
previously experienced. If you require any further assistance or advice
regarding our products then please do not hesitate to contact us and we
will help you to the fullest of our ability. Please ensure that you give us
your personal details and product information as accurately as possible as
this will help us process your request more efficiently.

Kind regards,
Alan Green
Logitech Europe SA technical support

FYI it didnt work for me.


Ya, I was looking around on their FTP and found that registry file too a while back...thought I finally had it, but it didn't do anything. Oh well :(


Yes, I had this problem, found it to be a newer driver i installed. Once I rolled back driver everthing was fine... Give me a minute and I'll tell ya what driver to use.



ver. 9.75
file Ver.
Driver Date 9/24/02


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How do you rollback to that specific driver? Is that going into the keyboard and clicking rollback driver, or no? That's the only way I could think possible... and where do you get the driver?


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the 1 on cd that came with the keyboard works for me, all the updates crap out my shutdown. you cant even force close the mouseware in task manager it blows big time and those a-holes at logitech dont have a clue.


Go to device mgr / KeyBoard and roll back driver, allso what mouse are you using? if its a cordless logitech you can not update drivers on one without the other...
Should be able to get driver (from their site :( ) just dont use the latest drivers and your box should shut down just fine.


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I am using a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer... hell though I hated using Logitech drivers, and I think even MS Mouse drivers did it, because it some how made the mouse seem to be sluggish in moving... *Shrugs* I'll try rolling back the driver tonight... will it find the driver, or do I need to have the driver to "roll back" to?

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Using the latest mouseware drivers and the previous versions to the latest version of the itouch software fault free try searching on google for a download of older drivers or use the ones off the cd


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lol @ Logitech. "Progress" in a retarded kinda way.

I too use older drivers now.

Just a tip* Make sure if you use Windows Updates, that it doesn't try to overwrite your existing driver (cos it will given the chance). I've had this happen (wasn't paying attention) and even though the driver is WHQL, it completely humped my ststem.

Rolled back to earlier driver (think it was the CD one too but i'm not at that machine at the mo, so can't check.)


Grrrrrrr..... read what indyjones suggest I beleive he is correct.
I for one had no problem after installing the software from CD, only after I updated keyboard and MX 700 drivers did I have the slow shutdown. I rolled back to original drivers and problem went a way. I track my problem by viewing the the event logs... I suggest you do the same.


To answer the Roll Back question....
Roll Back = use older drivers

So to answer you if you never had the CD drivers installed then it can't roll back.

So, follow Indy Jones directions first uninstalling everything then his directions.

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