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Anyone ever heard of SoftPRO?



If you have, reply here, then I will ask my question...but I doubt anyone has heard of this ancient program. I need help w/ it for a customer.
Well.. according to what I have found on the net about it, SoftPro is a company that tailors their software to each business. That means that in a way it is proprietary. Post your question. If someone knows someone will help you, but I have to tell you that (and this is just me) I wouldn't like to have to post that I know something about something and wait for you to get back to me with your question.


Sorry about that.

I have this deal where I upgraded this company's network of computers from p1 133's w/ 32mb ram to athlon 1333's with 128mb - a huge difference.

Softpro is software for title and settlement companies, it is used to print out HUD documents, title insurance forms, etc.

The workstations run softpro from a server with a mapped S:\ drive. I have been having a hell of a time with this ****, they are still using the old and busted DOS version, they won't upgrade to the newest windows version at all - I'm getting database errors, slow network speeds, etc. And USB printers don't work worth a **** on it either.


All the computers are now running Windows 98SE for the sake of running a DOS program. They were getting real slow network speeds and 'please wait' errors in softpro DOS - i found a computer on the network was bad and as soon as i unplugged it, the speed of the network increased. Before this, they were having checkpoint errors and all sorts of other crap - I'm wondering if their database is fuxed. They have a weeks worth of work on the new server - I would hate to have to revert back to the old \Softpro directory stored on the old server (p2 266) because they would lose that data.
Make sure that the network card settings match the hub/switch. If the hub/switch is auto detect then make sure that none of the network cards are hard-set to anything and vise verse.
Ok... I would like to try to understand a little more about the network you are using. Can you possibly tell me what systems do what and what they are running and what their configuration is on the LAN. What kind of hub/switch are you using? Are all of the PCs able to access the network resources? 10 or 100? You do not accidentally have a cross over cable on the network where there should be a patch cable?

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