Anyone Autocross? (story)


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16 May 2007
So I went Autocrossing for the first time! It was alot more straight forward than I thought it would be..

Here is how stuff went...

- I got to the track at 8:30am...

- Found a place to park, hung out a bit and talked to a bunch of people... A long time veteran walked the course with me and gave me a bunch of pointers! Was really cool.

- Everyone there was really great and willing to help!

- Emptied everything out of the car, and went over it before inspection...

- Registered, got my number (101) ironic... yes.. lol

- Car was inspected, passed fine.. Got a class assigned to me.. (GS)

- Everyone got assigned a car group.. I was in Group 2, group 1 ran first... Everyone from group 2 was assigned a job to do, like upright knocked over cones, and what not.. I was assigned to write down times on the board lol...

- At around 11:30-12:00 I had my first run! It went amazingly better than I thought it would.. I was worried about missing a turn, or running over cones, but I didn't even had to think about where to turn.. It just seemed natural, like I've ran the course before...

- My first run I ran a ~1:49.xx, then on my second run I ran a 1:41.xx, and leveled out around there with the rest of my runs...

- The all season tires on my car really killed me... They were good for about half the run, then at the end half I had to really slow down because they would over heat and get slippery. :( The course was 1.2 miles start to finish...

- There was about 35-40 cars that showed up... Next one im going to, same layout, and same place will have probably over 100 cars...

I had a blast! Most fun i've had in a long time... The course was really nice too, lots of high speeds parts, and laid out really nice. :D

Now for the media...

Video of my Rado 3 wheelin.

I was told I was 3 wheeling around over half the course.. lol


If that doesn't work...

And a few pics.

The Green pooper...

Me under HARD braking...

And here is a rough layout of the 1.2mile course.

More in next post...


Resident Alien
16 May 2007
Second event.......

Pretty fun, wet and wild you could say... There was a pretty nice turnout, ~36 cars.

Pics. I would have taken more, but it was pouring rain the whole time. :(

Yumm, Cone....

The springs and camber made a HUGE difference.. totally different car, on rails.. I had the 7th fastest time overall. :O


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5 Dec 2001
I did autocross with an old Mercury Sable 1993, 3.2 Liter V6. Since it has no traction control the course I was on I could slide around turns. Was a blast. Felt bad for my brakes though, they did not take kindly to what I was doing to them.


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21 Mar 2002
Cool! When I read 'Autocross' I thought you meant that dry skiing on caterpillar tracks! Phew!

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