Anybody out there got a Sony Clie PEG 300 ?



I work for sony as a tech...what is the error message you are getting?? I have gotten these to work many times....did you just do an upgrade or a clean install? Hope I can help...

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Oooh works for Sony, Right ( flexes fingers ) :D

The Peg 300 works perfectly under ME, on a clean install of XP I follwed the instructions of the website, IE dowload the usb switcher and update palm desktop. When I press the hotsync button I get nothing. The device doesn't even appear in device manager.

I have hotsync manager set to serail, I have also tried USB.

The thing works perfectly using an infrared port, it's just a bit inconvinient and you tend to forget to recharge it.

While your there , any problen syncing with outlook XP

Thanks for the help


If you dled the update for xp and installed the usb switcher the only thing left to do is try a get it out of devman. You need to open devman goto view<show hidden devices and then do a hotsync. It will probably show up as an unknown or usb device or might even show up as a Sony PEG or Mass Storage device, but it will only be there while syncing. As soon as you see it, right click and uninstall. If it is not showing up try to unplug any other usb devices and DON'T go through a hub. After the device is uninstalled, do another hotsync and it will goto "found new hardware" and it will give you an "Unsigned Driver" screen. Click Continue Anyway and then hotsync again. That should do the trick. If not restart in safe mode and del your usb hubs, uninstall all sony software, del sony handheld folder in program files then go into msconfig and restart in Selective startup w/o Startup items and uncheck non-Microsoft services. Then reinstall the software and go from there. Hope this helps, if you are still having problems, let me know!!!


Also, Intellisync works fine w/ xp so there should be no problem syncing w/ outlook/express. You cannot sync subfolders (Ie. for contacts or memos, etc) with the lite version of IS. If you need this feature purchase the full version.

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Ok NeoXP !

Now, I've take it off the hub and lo and behold it now appears in device manager. As you said it appears as sony peg (com port 3)

But the flipping thing won't start. ( code 10 )

AAaaahhhhggggghhhhhhh !!

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YES !!!!

Finally figured out xp had installed the wrong drivers. I had some in a w2k folder within the sony folder. It was using those. Brute force and telling it to use the ones in the USB folder finaly cracked it.

Once again thanks for your help.


The error that you were getting is from the wrong driver. You should be able to use the update driver feature in xp or you can uninstall from devman and follow the procedure I mentioned before. Windows xp tries to load the wrong driver 1st and that is why you are getting that error.

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Since you helped me with this I have had no problems, but I do have a curious oddity. Occasianaly when I put the sony in its holder, it will come up as a new device, xp will install the drivers, give me warning about not being signed and then the things works.

Not actually a problem, just wondered why ?

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