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Anybody here own a DELL 2100 or similar?


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I was planning on buying a GForce for my Dell 2100 dimension and when i contacted Dell they told me that i can only get a onboard video card or buy a new mother board that is compatible. Now that really piss me off!
The Gforce requires an available AGP slot wich im not sure if i have one. I do have a couple available slots but i don't know if they are AGP or PCI , anybody have any ideas on what i can do?
I really don't want to buy a new motherboard.
My current video card is a Intel 82810 graphics controller.
I would really appreciate a response regarding this matter cuz im about to kick the the salesman ass wich i bought this computer from.
Thank you!


hardware monkey
your computer has multiple (3-6) PCI slots which are most likely white in color. an AGP slot would be above the PCI slots and be brownish in color. make sure you don't have one before you buy a PCI video card.

if you don't have an agp slot, then you're stuck getting a pci video card. in which case, the best one you could buy would be a Geforce4 MX420 PCI.


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So that means that the guys at Dell was just trying to get me into buying one of their cards? I mean,the guy told me that i could not be done. Im calling then back and they are going to hear a lot of **** !!!!!
Thanks guys!

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