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Any way to determine why network is so slow, w/o Ethereal?


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Today the network is going really slow at work... unbearably slow, internet itself works fine but for me to get my job done I need to download things such as Windows Update and Norton updates, and the internet is going slow enough that I am being unable to do that.

Ethereal hasn't really told me anything about what is doing what on the network, it isn't telling me if there is something draining the network and who is the culprit... at least I am not able to read and understand what it's telling me if it is telling me that information.

I need something that will allow me to figure out if there is really something out there that's killing my internet. I checked using a tester on dslreports, and it says that I am downloading at 66k and my upload is 128k, I don't understand how my download can possibly be slower than my upload.

My network is Comcast Cable Internet being hooked through a Linksys Wireless Router. 2 Desktop computers are hooked up directly to the router, the laptop island is hooked up wirelessly if they have the Wireless-G internet capabilities, and the computers I use in the back office are hooked up using the Wireless G USB Adapters.

It really sucks that the router doesn't have any ability to be able to tell me which computer on the network is using the bandwidth. What else can I use to determine this, preferably free?
are you connected to a network? tried unplugging each person in turn and seeing if the speed boosts. you could also possibly have a switch that could be on the way out

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