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Any utilities out there to troubleshoot USB issues?


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We have this one machine that originally had a USB issue with a scanner. We had thought it to be a bad cable, because when we would use a different cable the scanner would function normally. Now I am being told that the scanner is no longer functioning again. I have yet to take a look at this issue, but is there anything out there that could be used as a good test utility to verify the functionality of USB?


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Best bet is to have known good devices laying around, such as Mice or USB Flash Drives.

If the computer in question is problematic, you could remove all physical USB devices, and then remove all USB devices from the Device Manager. Reboot, let the software side of things re-install, and then re-seat your hardware.

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I use a thumb drive to see if a USB port is working or not (I’ve had good luck this way so far). Normally do this right after startup because the system can turn USB ports or devices off to save power.

If the scanner works for awhile right after the system is booted then stops working it could be a power issue.
You will need to reboot the system until the scanner is present then follow the steps below.

Navigate to and expand device manager, expand universal serial bus controllers and right click each USB root hub select properties, power tab until you find the one the scanner is connected to then click the power management tab and see if there is a check in the box at “allow the computer to turn this device off to save power” if there’s a check in that box uncheck it OK the screens then reboot and wait to see if this works.

Also if it’s a VIA based board then a few years back there was an issue with the VIA chipset and some USB devices (Microtek scanners) for an example you had to install the USB filter patch from VIA for it to work without any problems.

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