Any Partition Magic gurus here?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
first see here for context...

Now my question is - when I plug in suspect HD on cable select jumper setting with only master IDE1 plugged to drive and boot to PM rescue discs - if I get error #88 drive not recognised does this mean my HD is dead?

Or is it that PM rescue discs are created just to rescue HDs that were known when the rescue discs were created?

Hope someone knows!

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Well it's not your rescue discs. That's if they copied correctly. PM's page doesn't even mention error 88.

Try booting with the xp cd & see if that will pick the drive up.

edit/ don't forget to make the changes in the bios if you have to. CD boot first.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
thanks HD .... I realise #88 is an undocumented code, part of the confusion comes from that (I looked in the PM manual and altrhough other codes are there 88 isn't).

And it is nothing wrong with the PM discs, I know they are OK because I have used them with just the master plugged in and recognised.....

Today's project then - I shall set jumpers to make tricky drive try to be master - plug in master cable and unplug other drive and boot to CD and try to have the XP disc/install format it....

After that I think I shall just give up and RMA it - problem is, when I get the next one will it give me same grief?!!

Or maybe I'll ask overclockers to trade it in and pay more for a pair of SATA's to RAID, since I have the gear to do that onboard....


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
bugger it - the drive must be somehow fooked - just tried booting to XP CD for a format with the drive connected to master IDE1 and jumpered as master - and no HD found....

for me this = RMA ,,, at same time I feel almost certain disc is OKJ in a HW sense....

but what can I do?

eh oh - as the telletubbies say 0- bring on the toast....

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