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Any known problems with all in one fax printers, and dsl lines?


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Hey guys,

Hoping you can help me with this. I am going to be going to a customer's house after work today so I can troubleshoot her HP PSC All-in-one Fax, Printer, copier, scanner device, as to why it will not send faxes out. They say that they have tried everything and cannot get the fax portion of it to work. They have DSL and filters and everything, but they still aren't able to get it to respond. What should I be looking for when I am going to this customer's house? I don't know too much about DSL when it regards filters, so would that possibly be interfering with the operation of the fax machine?

Hopefully someone can shed some light on this issue. :)



PSC stands for Printer, Scanner and Photocopier I have a HP PSC 500 didn't realise it had a built in fax also.

I would use windows fax service under XP.
Might sound obvious, but make sure the fax is going through a dial-up modem and connecting to the phoneline, not the dsl, unless they have an online service which sends the fax for them eg. email to fax etc. it aint going to work through the dsl connection.


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I'm not sure what Model the customer has, she didn't want to walk over to her computer to see what it was. She gave me the price of it... but that doesn't help because it could have been an open box model of ours here... I will make sure I look for that Ricky. My belief though is that she's trying to directly hook it through her wall.

What are these DSL Filters and where do they connect?

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Fax on XP will not work on DSL or other broadband services like cable.

As RickyC noted, you have to go through a dial-up modem.

So what you need to do is see if they have a 56K modem in computer as well as the DSL one.
if it has a built in modem then you need to make sure that it is plugged into the phoneline (analogue) side of the DSL filter and not the DSL side. If it uses the host computers modem to send faxes then obviously that needs to be properly connected via the phoneline (analogue) side of the DSL filter.
You don't need a modem! You're only supposed to connect it to the phone line, that's it.

The problem, however, might be with these filters. Filters are used to separate the DSL frequencies from the telephone frequencies as the DSL frequencies sometimes creates static or hissing when using the phone. This could, I guess, keep the fax from functioning properly. On one hand, the filter is needed to keep the DSL from interfering with the fax. On the other hand, the filter itself might be "filtering out" some of the fax's signals (but this is just a guess).

So... I would try one of these configurations (if I remember correctly how these filters connect):
 Phone line
  /     \
 DSL   Phones and
modem     fax
 Phone line
     |-- Fax
  /     \
 DSL   Phones


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Turns out the customer forgot a code that she had to type in when she tried faxing something to her work. I was able to send faxes, and receive faxes with my work, and then finally she realized she had to hit 00 when it was looking for the fax machine... When she hit it, it worked fine. :)

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