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How do I uninstall Netmeeting, Microsoft Frontpage, and Outlook Express that comes with Windows XP Pro during install? I tried deleting their folders but it keeps something is running and I can delete, even though I never use these things. They aren't found in the add/remove program options. How do I get rid of them? Is there a batch script I can write like the one for Messenger to uninstall it?

One other thing, I can't seem to get BootVis to work anymore (it used to work fine before). I used to be able to optimize my bootup with it but then after reformatting my computer the bootvis keeps crashing when it starts to lay data on the disk for bootup (after optimizing). I get the blue screen of death and a reboot everytime now. All my services required for Bootvis (according to www.blkviper.com) are enabled but it keeps crashing and the funny thing is that bootvis can reboot and tell me my bootup info, it just can move the boot data to optimal areas. How can I fix this problem?

I notice that my startup sometimes start up with dumprep 0 -k and Rundll32.nvdaemon (or something like that). I disable them and reboot and they aren't started anymore but every couple of days they get restarted again. What are they for? How can I get rid of them permanently?

Oh I noticed that on bootup, my ad-watch v2.51 of ad-aware v5.83 keeps consuming huge amounts of CPU processing power (60-80%) until I shut it down. It does this everytime now even after I reload it. It got so bad I had to turn off the autostart so it won't slow everything to a crawl. Is there a fix for this, Ad-aware said that this "new" version should be a fix but it hasn't fixed it. Is it some configuration problem that can easily fixed?



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I do not think u can uninstall net meeting or outlook express. The only time u might be able to is after they release the sp which is to include ways of removing part of windows that were install by default. I would thing Frontpage would show up in the add/remove programs menu because as far as I know its not part of windows itself. As for the two things that restart every so often search for them under the task manger and see what the go to. As for the rest of ur questions sorry I don't anything about them. I hope I at least help u a little

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