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Any chances [ Building a forum ]


Graphic Designer
I want to finish my own web page but with an forum integrated and here is the major problem : is there some detailed information for those that have no ideea about programming and want to build a simple forum like myshipmates.net/xpsc ( snitz ) ?

Any help wil be greatly aprecciated . I was wondering if snitz.com could give some detailed information about installing and setting up a forum but no such lucky . If anyone could give a percert of what chances :rolleyes: do i have to build my own forum without knowing programming .. Thanks a lot !


The first thing you need to do is have / create a Database

Snitz = ASP database

VBulletin = mySQL forum

Your host needs to support either.

THe best thing to do is install IIS on your PC and play around with things like snitz, then if you break it , delete it and try again.

Then when you have it worked out then upload it to your website

I think if you download Snitz, in the actual .zip are some instructions

Good luck !


Graphic Designer
Max ,
Yes i've downloaded Snitz and there is documentation but :
1. have you ever built a forum ? ( help me in some words with that database ? )
2. webbhost for hosting ( good ? )
3. Thanks ;) !

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