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Any chance of a little help please.


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:) Hi all

Been reading forum for a while now and it's cool :D
My problem is Im setting up a ftp server, to share files with friends .now ive done this in the past but forgot. Ive installed bulletproof ftp server, and registered with No-ip but cant remember now how to setup with bulletproof . Im sure i feel im missing something :confused: . Can anyone enlighten me please.
Im running behind a router , using blueyonder broadband ,WinXP Pro

Any help much appreciated.
The router either needs port 21 forwarded (more secure) or DMZ (less secure) set for the internal IP address of your FTP server machine.

Bulletproof click the single face (user accounts) on the toolbar.
Right click the user accounts bar on the left.
Select add and give it a name like XYZ (it is case sensitive!).
Now with XYZ higlighted in the user account bar go to the center window and right click.
Select add and choose your directory.
Now with the directory name highlighted check the File and Directory attributes you want (read,write, etc).
Make the password the one you want (it is case sensitive!).
Click ok.
Click the lightning icon on the toolbar and your server is online.

You can check it by opening IE and typing FTP:\\your.external.ip.xx, you will get a login window to enter user name and password (case sensitive).

There are several hundred other options you can change to screw up your FTP. Enjoy ;)

Note I have never been able to set two different directories open. I don't think it is allowed. Let me kow if I am wrong.


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Thanks for the quick reply , yes ive done all that , my fault i never explained clearly enough. I confused on how to link bulletproof ftp to no-ip for people to come in and view files.Is there somewhere on no-ip or bulletproof to link them together. So when i give an address people come right in on bulletproof.
Am i repeating myself! :confused:
AGHH !! just downloaded no-ip duc and set this up. mm still cant connect.
Ive tryed ftpeeing myself but no connection, mmm im still scractching my head. :D
any more info please.


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Ive set up bulletproof to the best of my knowledge and registered with no-ip and downloaded no-ip duc and is now running in backround . Now i start bulletproof ftp server and clicked connect. Now tryed to connect through i.e bu ftp:\\ putting my no-ip.org details and nothing at all , keep getting timed out.
Ive forwarded port 21 on my router to this pc. MMM still scraching my swad. :confused:
thanks :D


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Thanks for the help leegend much appreciated. :) The fault lies with my belkin 4 port router which lets nothing in and i mean absolute nothing.I'm sending it back to belkin to replace .
Thanks again


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Cheers :) TDinc for the tutorial .
Heeter i agree with what you suggest but it was my belkin router.I sent it back to belkin for replacement , it blocks everything and i can open ports but it still blocks all. I rang belkin and went through a series of test and the router proved faulty.

Thanks all for your input . :D


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It was a case of updating firmware, going through all the settings. Also trying to open a port supplied by belkin (believe it not) to host a game on black hawk down.Opening ports on virtual settings.None of them passed.Stepping outside the DMZ still no luck.
I had a problem with my router for a while now.It does not allow any access to open ports that i create.
So ive sent it back to belkin and there going to exchange.
Also does not work on VPN. I can gain entry to a friends computer with the same router but he can't get into mine.
etc etc.
Now i have no router clagged up for a minute and my ftp site and its working perfect.

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