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Any advantage to a secure NIC?

I'm jumping headfirst into the broadband waters.
I ordered cable access and I'm searching for a decent
NIC. I notice that 3COM sells a secure NIC, are there
any advantages to it? It's $90, so that's a definite

Also, if you have any comments, or suggestions
to make my transition easier, they will be appreciated.


If you're just a typical home user, I doubt that this card would really be worth the extra money. However at Tom's hardware, they did a review of the card and mentioned that 3Com was working on integrating a firewall right onto the card. http://www6.tomshardware.com/network/20010820/nic-04.html
Of course that article was written back in August 02 and I didn't see anything on 3Com's site about an integrated firewall.
I have a secure NIC, its locked in my safe. Very Secure.

No I dont really think that you would need a "Secure" NIC, you would probably get a similar level of protection for your environment if you were to get a software firewall.

These can be gotten for free, the one that I like the most is Agnitum OutPost Firewall FREE from http://www.agnitum.com then follow the links or the pic for the Free version.

You could also search the threads for Firewalls as I am sure there have been other threads about which firewall people like the best.


Thanks guys. I run the free version of Zone Alarm now, so I'll just pick up an ordinary NIC.

Geffy: I'll check out the firewall software you mentioned too. Can't hurt to try it. Thanks.

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