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anti virus software



OK there was a thread I found from last year about what antivirus software is recommended, I have a couple questions about some of the titles.

A lot of people talked up the free AVG. It looks decent, but my download is going EXTREMELY slow (like 10k/s when I can download from any good server at 250 k/s). I noticed something about also getting an avg distribution package. So When I install this antivirus software am I also becoming a perpetual server for the program file? I do not have the bandwidth for that. (Where I am now I am on a cable modem with only 15k/s up and soon I'll be home restricted to 56k access, either way I can't afford to be sending when I don't want to be). It didn't come up as spyware in ad-aware, so I guess thats a good thing. Maybe they just have very slow servers.

Also many people seemed to favor kaspersky. Is it much better than norton? Norton came with my computer, but after replacing the firewall because it ruined my CS I think, as long as I am reformatting soon, I will replace their AV program as well. I absolutely hate that I cannot close it. I can 'disable' it, but I have to try and find the particular process if I want it completely gone. I can't figure out how to stop norton from automatically updating the virus files (which at one point I specified would only be done when I wanted them to). I just want more control over the AV, norton seems to think I am incompetent and they can do everything for me.

And I hate McAfee with a passion, it completely ruined my pc a year ago and I had to pay 25$ to speak to a technician who basically told me "gee, sorry."

Any suggestions/ answers to my questions?


Personally I have 4 computers running AVG... I love it... well ok not love perhaps, but I would not use a store bought one after frying two sysems, once with nortons, and once with McAfee.


Thanks for the input, thats a valuable endorsement.

So there's nothing to my fear that I will become a node for distribution of their software? (I can't find anything on the site about it, I don't really how I came up with it.)

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