Anti-Virus Software [Again]

Seems someone didn't like reading that another person recommended a different product.

You say to try them. I have. I've used NOD32 and it's an annoying software. It set off alarms and alerts over a temporary file being created for a program to update. Oh yes, I want to recommended that product to everyone so it will annoy them to no end. A majority of end users do not know what the best option to click in these situations would be. If it constantly alerts them and annoys them, they'll wind up disabling it or uninstalling it. That won't do them any good. Pass on this one.

Kaspersky is good as well, but why pay for an antivirus when a free one will do just as good a job if not better. The Kaspersky AOL version has been thoroughly analyzed. While it is a good scanning engine at the core, the AOL version has numerous problems. Some of which have been mentioned here in this very thread.

Now, why would you want to recommended to users something that will annoy them (NOD32) or just not work well (Kaspersky AOL).

Avast is the best product as far as antivirus goes, in my opinion. I have also recommended this to my co-workers, my boss, and every visitor to my website.

Funny, the only thing I ever heard that was bad about avast was the skinning. That would be why I say to do a custom install and uncheck the skinning feature.

That's the only complaint I've ever had. Ever. :)

I've worked on machines who have used Panda, Norton, McAfee, and so forth. I've always found infections. I've even repaired friends machines who used AVG's AV, and avast found viruses there that it totally overlooked. Even AntiVir has overlooked viruses, or found them and done nothing about them.

I know that no av is perfect and foolproof, there will always be 0-day viruses out there. Though in all my experiences, avast has done the best job.

So, why pay for something when you can use an excellent product legally for free for life.
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People being silly get pounced on.

People perpetuating spam, worms and viruses by using ineffctive software get pounced on.

People being sensible get manners.
I'm sorry but what gives you right to act like the rest of us are worthless and can just go jump?
People preaching their own opinions as fact should get pounced on.
No one deserves to get pounced on, it's just not on.
Lordy just needs a chill pill.
Here you go... :D

It's good to see strong passions all around. It doesn't mean anyone is wrong. It just means we all feel strongly about what goes into our machines. I bet most of you who have strong opinions got that way because you made mistakes and probably installed some really crappy software along the way. I'll stick with Avast for now, in the meantime, can I have half of that chill pill? 125,000 mg's should do.
well i just uncheck update application modules and do an update and it went fine, fo if definitions will continue to be delivered i will stay with it
I used McAfee ages back, never felt that good about it.
McAfee was good years ago, but over the years it went the path Norton did. Bloated and useless.
Ditto on Tarun. Macafee was good years ago they went to hell. A real bummer since I got it for free from work.

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