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Another problem - Slow FPS


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So after realizing my old mobo wasnt gonna support my new CPU i decided to get a new one that will.

So now with all the new hardware, which consists of

C2D E8500, 280gtx and 4 gig of ram

Every game I run, I don't get more than 20 fps, which is retarded because I used to get 40+ with my old setup (e6600 8800gts 2gig ram). This is really annoying and I just dont know how to fix it, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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What game are you playing? You should disable V-sync if possible. I've found that there is an increase of around 10-15fps on Counter Strike by disabling v-sync.


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Pretty much any game I play if affected by this. I tried putting my old card back in but there is no difference, so Im guessing its something to do with the cpu.
Which mobo? Did you reinstall Windows? The dual-core may not be recognized properly unless you reinstall or do a repair install. Before doing that make sure you have the latest chipset drivers. Also try turning off EIST and C1E in BIOS, if the board has those options.
Need some more detail from what I read:

Old System E6600 CPU, 2 gig ram, 8800GTS
40+ FPS

New System C2D E8500 CPU, 4 gig ram. ???? sounds like you have a new video card also? Need to know what it is.
About half the FPS or the original system 20 FPS

New System C2D E8500 CPU, 4 gig ram. w/8800gts video
Still slower than original. How much slower? 20, 30 FPS?

General hints: Download CPUZ.exe to scan your sytem (freeware)
1) Make sure ram is in correct sockets to run in Dual DDR mode. Placement varies by MB. Check CPUZ mmeory page.
2) Make sure the CPU has correct speed auto detected. Check clock settings for FSB and multiplier on cpuz MB page
3) Possible driver issues with new and old video cards. When you swap cards the drivers can get mixed up and you end up not running the hardware accelerators on the cards. Use the ATI or Nvidia driver cleaners or a freeware tool like Ccleaner, etc to unload all old driver then reinstall from scratch. Wanring - make sure you don't strip out the MB drivers by mistake. Since video and MB chipsets are made by the same companies now it's hard to tell by the driver names which goes with video and which with MB.

With as big of an upgrade as you have done it would be best to back up your data and do a clean install if you have not already. It is possible to strip the old drivers off a disk and install new cpu/mb/video but no matte rhow good you are at it there is always some performance loss going this way.


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To clafiry

Old system:
e6600, 2 gig of ram, 280gtx

New system:
e8500 4 gig same video card

Upon installing new hardware I did reinstall windows.
I checked the bios, everything seems fine, but I still get around 20 fps in every game I run, where as before with the old system I used to get at least 40.


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well.. unless u mean just in crysis, even ur old fps seem kinda low

are u sure u have the lastest drivers for ur video card?
did u try what leejend said about cpu-z? thats important to know ur cpu and ram are working the way they should
oh, and one more thing... OS?
Could be the board has a PCIe 8x slot instead of 16x? Since you still never told us what board this is I'm just stabbing around in the dark. Might want to try a BIOS update if all else fails.


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Ok Ive found the problem

You're right trukkmann, and its not x8 but its actually x4, and its as big as a x16 slot, which really pissed me off. Its only mentioned once in small paragraph in the manual that it is actually a x4 slot.

Thanks for all the replies guys, much appreciated :)

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