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Another newbie question


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Is there anyway that I can make it so when i close the lid of my ibook it doesnt go into hibernate or whatever it does?

I have it hooked up to an external monitor now and Id like to make it so i can close the lid and put it on a shelf so i can recover the desk space it is sitting on...



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Yes, there's an application called Sleepless or a Kernel patch made by the same guys who make KisMac (will edit in some links after posting).

however, both aren't recommended as when in use the lower left corner under the keyboard can get quite warm and if it gets too warm can damage the LCD panel. Only Powerbooks were designed to run with their lid closed.

That said, I've never had a problem running mine with the lid closed, BUT that's always been outside in the cool.

Sleepless: http://www.alxsoft.com/mac/sleepless.html
MacMelt: http://binaervarianz.de/projekte/programmieren/meltmac/ (yes, it's called that for a reason :p)


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heh nice names... is there a program that will turn the lcd screen off and keep the system running?

i guess thats kinda a longshot but you think somebody would have made some hack for osx or something by now


I may actually be insane.
Personally, I use the brightness settings (the very lowest brightness de-activates the backlighting), or alternatively set the screen to turn off after 1 minute of not being used.

Alternatively, there's a product which I haven't used myself called Lights Out, coded by the Nexus9 guys (they make some other good apps, so I'm sure it'll work fine).

Grab it from here: http://nexus9.org/main/applisting.html


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turning down the backlight does not turn the entire screen off, so you still have the refresh going and whatnot. I'd like that just shuts the LCD off, so i can hook another monitor up to it, and then not have the LCD also display the picture at the same time as my monitor.

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