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Another Multiboot Question



Ok, I partitioned my 40GB HD into two sections because I want to run WinXP and WinME.

I installed WinXP first onto drive C:

I then installed WinME onto drive D:

Now, when I boot up, it only boots into WinME...it doesnt even give me an option to either boot into XP or ME.

Was I supposed to install WinME first or what?


NTFS Stoner
yes win me dont support the duel boot stuff, u install ME to whatever drive you want then install XP and it will set the auto boot up., pop the xp cd in and follow it through to reinstall, BUT, when you see the XP partition hit R for the repair function., then the next time it reboots you will notice the duel boot (not the 1st repair option as thats the recovery console)
yea using any 9x based OS it must be loaded first then the NT based stuff, it will load what it needs and setup the dual boot for it and 9x systems


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I dont suggest using Win 9x or Win ME. Even Microsoft is not even acknowledging at meetings anymore that Win ME is a valid OS they made since it sucked so much. My uncle says that when the word Windows ME comes up at Microsoft meetings for new OS's coming out, its like they try to change the subject immediatly, and they keep instad talking about Windows 98 as the last major OS before Win2k and Windows XP.

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