Another MSN Plus! update 3.25.106

download the newest version from here:

3.25.106 Version - 20/10/2004

* The sponsor agreement has been modified extensively.
o I've taken into account all the complains and suggestions I got this year and I hope this new version will please everyone. Some people tend to forget that Messenger Plus! is a full featured Messenger Plus! plugin, not just a way for me to earn my life. I'm still using all the time I've got to improve this software and I hope the next reviews I'll read about Messenger Plus! will focus more about its features than its sponsor.
o The sponsor's trial-period delay that was introduced recently got removed to avoid misunderstandings.
o The second screen of the setup now displays a text explaining what the sponsor is and how to uninstall it. A small delay prevents the Next button from being pressed repetitively to give a extra chance to the user to read the explanation message.
o The agreement window has been completely redesigned: the name of the sponsor, C2Media, is now written in bold, the license agreement is not "hidden" by the explanation message anymore, the "I refuse" option is clearer and, more than everything, a big screenshot of the sponsor's toolbar is displayed on top of the agreement. I honestly don't see how anyone could miss the point of this window now :).
* Security being a major concern nowadays, I invested in a digital signature. From now on, every public release of Messenger Plus! will be signed by Verisign as coming from Patchou.
* Several bugs have been fixed but I had such a busy week that I didn't take the time to write them down in this file, sorry :p.
* This version is the last one before the Messenger 7 compatible version. This means that this version is NOT compatible with MSN Messenger 7 yet. I want the next version to be worthwhile so it's taking me some time to develop it.


Glaanies script monkey
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Stay away from this crap, I'm just gonna keep saying it. I like how security is a big concern for him, yet he bundles some of the worst spyware with it, nice touch.


Glaanies script monkey
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the fact that is bundled with it, I've said it before, but noone seems to care. I don't care how the installer works.


Dabba Dooba
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just dont install the crap. U dont have to agree to the crap just install MSN plus. I never have had problems and if somehow u do get spyware from it just run ad-ware and clean it.
yea exactly that's why when you install they ask you if you wanna install it or not it's your fault if you didn't read it and they clarified that it's an ad even better in this new version
or you could chose not to install it in the first place by clicking on refuse, if you do install it then you could uninstall msn plus and it's gonna remove it i know that because it happened to me and i fixed it with no problems i just over looked it on setup

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