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another heat question...



Ok - I know there are a ton of heat questions - but I have not found one this severe. It all started with random lockups playing MOH after anywhere from 10minutes to an hour... and then I realized the heat coming out of the back one day.

I was told to check my BIOS. I found that I would have a CPU temp of 55 C at cold boot and system at 40 C. I decided to wait and watch it idle in BIOS and I noticed that it would get up to 70 C CPU and 55 C system after 10 minutes or so.

I have one fan blowing out the back. One fan blowing out the power supply. One fan on the main board and a fan on the video card. I have an ultra light aluminum case also.

Specs are:
amd xp 2100
windows xp
512 RAM
Geforce 4 4400
Audigy Gamer
Gigabyte VRX board
320 W power supply
DVD, CD burner etc...
...and the irony of too much new hardware I am afraid.

The fans are definately cheap looking ones - but there are a ton. I was wondering if there were any suggestions out there or anyone with a simlilar setup/problem?

I would not really like to start taking stuff apart since I am definately a beginner when it comes to comp construction. Are there any easy suggestions with fans or cooling systems? Or does it sounds like a bad mobo or shorting problem since the heat goes up so quickly?

One thing I did notice was that MOH would not crash as much with the side of the case open - but the temp would still sit around 68 C... this obviuosly troubles me.

I would appreciate any comments/insults or otherwise from you fine group of people.


Bytes Back

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Eeekkk :eek:

Far to hot, You would probably need to change your CPU cooler, A Volcano 7+ seems to be flavour of the month. There are numerous threads and links on this site. Just do a search for Volcano.

Although not a paticulary difficult job changing a cpu cooler, it must be done correctly. Personaly I would say pop it down your local PC shop and ask them to change it.


reply to bytesback

thanks for your suggestion... however, does it seem likely that an operating fan - although possibly a complete crap fan - could allow it to get THAT hot? After all, I would hate to spend $30+ on a volcano 7+ only to find I am only running a few degrees cooler but still too hot...

Regardless - does anyone have any good links to installation of heatsink/fans? I want to see what kind of trouble I may be getting myself into... hehe
how was this computer made?
by you?......company?.....
if so.......
is the temp readings in celcius or ferinheight :p
if ferinheigh u got a pretty good system.....
also check under the heatsink if the person/company who made it took off the paper that is over the thermal greese(happened to me it was left on by the company and my temps wen up to 75*Celcius full load took it off and fulll load dropped by 30*C)

Bytes Back

Ex Police Chief
Don't forget that any fan can go wrong no matter how old. If the fan is running slow then it will overheat. It may also be possible that the fan is not fitted properly.


Just a question... seeing as your a beginner. I assume you purchased your computer at a store?

If so they prolly gave you a Intel HSF.

No comment.....

Intel HSF(Heatsink and Fan) are Aluminium and the fans taht come with them are anywhere between 3000 - 5000rpm....

and those fans are so damned flimsy.

Volcano 7+'s are nice but i got myself a HHC-001


mmm... heatpipey goodness =)

Generally, if the volcano can't keep ur chip under 55 then its the chip thats screwed and as long as its still in warranty just take it back.

The 40 degrees for ur chipset is troubling as it is meant to be only in the Max 25 range.

It could just be an issue with having a hot chip spreading the heat everywhere.

In case your wondering i get about 42-44 degrees celcius at max load with my HHC.

Cold boot i get a nice 32 degrees (i wish that would be constant even at load =P)

Be careful when you put on your HSF as its quite possible for you to crush your core. (I learn from experience) So i recommend you go buy yourself a core protector from Thermaltake to prevent it from being crushed.

Anyone else dislike HSF's that require a screw driver to install? HHC-001 doesn't need a screw driver... it has a nice lever =)


yes - my computer was purchased through IBUY computers - seems like a good machine - however, supporting components seem to be where they make their profit - eg. cheep looking power supply, fans etc... I only say they look cheap because they are "no-name" brands... The fan on the main board looks to be spinning just fine - but again, it looks like a $2 fan if you ask me...

just a question - how do i get in there and see if there is paper under the heatsink or whatever - do i need to be taking stuff apart first to get this view? Being the wise computer tech that i am - ok not so much - at all - I am a bit weary in just ripping things apart until I feel I have a good grasp on what I am getting myself into - experimenting to learn is cool - experimenting to destroy several hundred in components not so cool... ok ok, I need to just take a chance and quit whining...

Thanks to you all for replies - I think I will try changing the fan deal... maybe taking it to comp store since some say it is difficult to set it just right sometimes... unless i find a good resource showing me what the deal is... eg. step by step guide

you are good people - don't let then tell you otherwise...


tmp readings

oops - forgot - all temp readings are Celcius as indicated (unclearly apparently) by the "C"....

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