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Another D.O.S attack on the Internet?

My internet connection just vanished for about 30 minutes.

I checked and reset all; nothing worked.

Then Kazaa came back.
Then AIM
then some web pages
then some more web pages would load
then all. Or most anyway right now.

What just happened? I called people; and locally; everyone shared the same problems?

And AIM would not start untill now in my friends office; and they run multiple T3 lines.

What happened? :confused:
I suspect that your connection to the Internet is via an optical fibre ring running around the inner or outer city (backbone) and that your ISP uses this as a single connection to the web. In the UK we have similar high bandwidth connections. Most people don’t use this, as it’s too expensive. If this suffers from a node fault connected to the fibre cable the whole shebang goes down whilst routers re-configure themselves to the normal means of communication (depending on the contention ratios).

What surprises me the most is that the peer-to-peer “kaza” network came up live near the top, this would leave me to believe that a fall-back situation has been set-up as the original military specs years ago used this type of system in the event of a Nuclear strike re-configuring themselves for the next best options (TCP/IP).

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