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annoying issue with gamepad + screensaver


el mafioso
is there a way to prevent screensaver, standby monitor, when playing games with gamepad?
its very annoying having to press something on the keyboard every time to stop screensaver from running
( on winxp pro )


Shamus MacNoob

Political User
or right click on destop /properties/ find the screen saver tab.. make it ( none ) just below that there is the ( power ) button hit that and make it all ( never )



el mafioso
yeah but is a real pain to configure it everytime i want to play something, and then returning the original value after playing

ive searched on the device properties, if joystick could return from standby the computer

guess it can't be helped

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
screen savers are a waste or resourse's I just have my moniter set to turn off after 5 minutes of not doing anything ... what game are you playing when this happens , I can sit here for hours racing on line with my microsoft sidewinder wheel , or play a handfull of full lengh hockey games 3x20 minute periods per game NHL2002 and my screen dont go to sleep ..true I use the mouse on and off, and the keyboard to chat on line Nascar 4 , but I cant see why your rig is not reading the gamepad input as activity ...strange one indeed I guess one way for you would be to set it to have no screen saver and no power off moniter ...and when you get up to walk away just flick the switch on the moniter off.

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