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Annoying graphics error!

I'll put this in general hardware as I'm not entirely sure exactly where the problem is. But this is the problem.

I just got my parts for the new computer today. Finally everything is up and running (had a really annoying snag befor I got AHCI and NCQ working on the hdd). Except one thing. I can't use the graphics card!

If I run 3DMark 05 it gives the error D3DERR_DEVICELOST when I try to run a benchmark. 3DMark 2001SE won't work. Nothing else either it seems. I've tried reinstalling DirectX (which I can't since it's the latest version allready) and the video drivers, but no difference.

P4 3.2 on an Asus P5GD1 mobo
MSI Geforce 6600GT
1 Gig Kingston DDR3200
Forton/Source 400W PSU (with dual 12V rails)
Windows XP SP2
Tried both MSI supplied and nVidia reference graphics driver
Dxdiag tests work ok (one said I had aborted though, but I hadn't)
No overclocking
Enough cooling to go around

Has anyone seen this? Trying Google turned up pretty much nothing. I really have to fix this. No fun if I can't run any games. :(


Blame me for the RAZR's
sounds like a bad card to me.. or maybe a bad os.. can you just do the simple thing and reformate i do mine every 4-6 m,onths just to clean it up. could try that.
What the hell? Where did the posts from last night go?? Seems the forum reverted a few hours.

Repost then:

1. HL2 works. When I changed the resolution everyting was borked and I had to terminate it. Upon restart it ran in the new resolution without problems.
2. nVidia demos work except "The Buglooker" which fails to produce and image (looks like it's minimized).
Moonwraith said:
It's all a conspiracy to get us back on topic
Lol, must be true. :D

We installed everything in my bro's case and got it running without problems. Moving my disk to his case gave the same error as in mine. So I reformatted the whole thing and started over. Now it works like a charm! :)

We've got to fix the fan controller in the new case before it's done. And the side window. If we feel like we have the time. ;)

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