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Animation Shop Question


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I'm a n00b with graphics so bare/bear with me :p

I'm trying to make a snow animation, since it's winter time. I get the animation to work, the snow falling but the pic is also animated. I just want the snow to seem as if it's falling not the pic or my name to flash, how do I achieve this?


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O.K. Jewlezz,

Let's begin. In Animation Shop once you have your image open click on the effects tab.

see attachment



Looks like the animation shop is adding a "blank" frame to the animation. Hmm. I have animation shop but rarely use it.IR usually keeps me busy. Ill see if I can do what your tryin.


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Yes but I'd like white snow not blue lol

I want someone to explain how it's done, not do it for me. If it's done for me I'll never know how to do it :)
Well, ok, I wasn't trying to do it for you. I just did a quick job just to see if that was the effect you wanted...

Anyway, what I did was not the simplest way I'm sure, but here goes:

1: Open Paint Shop Pro and paste 6 iterations of the Jewelzz pic in there. So, you should now have 6 exact copies of the same pic.

2: Create a new image that is 300x600 (300 = image's width, 600 = your image's height times 4).

3: Using the pen tool, create snow droplets of different sizes, using whatever shape/color you want and fill the big image until it has the snow density you want.

4: Using the Magic Wand tool, select somewhere where there isn't snow. The whole page, minus the snow, should be selected.

5: Now, go to "Selections" and select "Invert Selection". Now, only the snow particles should be selected.

6: Copy that and paste it into the first Jewelzz picture (Edit -> Paste -> "Paste as New Selection").

7: Position the snow's bottom edge to the pic's bottom edge. 1 down, 5 to go.

8: Do the same thing for each of the images, except move the snow down a little each time.

9: Once those are all done, save them all as GIF files somewhere.

10: Open Animation Shop and use the Animation wizard to paste in all those GIFs you saved. Set the speed to whatever you want.

11: Save the whole thing and you should be set. :)

You can create more than 6 images, reduce the amount of shift of snow for each pic, and increase the speed for a smoother animation.


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Basically that's what I did, in PSP and Animation Shop. My snow effect is different then yours though. But when I go to Animation Shop and animate it, the girl and my name flash as well... I don't want that and that's what I'm trying to figure out

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