**************** and NTFS ripoff




Take action against this site now... :mad:

I have a well respected hardware supplier whom I have built a great business relationship with over the years and like your site have watched it grow and become very popular...
I came across an article on our forum at site removed which I was really angry about because I’m a regular visitor of your site I could not beleive the forum design looked just like yours...? in fact it’s identicle…!

I would imagine the skin design your own as the front end of the site is thye same as the forums, I suggest you have them for breach of Copyright as this forum does look just like yours... site URL removed have a look at site URL removed and then they are identicle... OvC are not happy about this site... get your members to have a look at this forum and see what they think…

-edit- corrected URL - Sazar


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All site URL mentioned in the above post have been removed. We don't have exclusive rights to the Ekko theme or the Orbitz theme, no need to bash a site for having and paying for the same themes NTFS uses.


Removed this subject please

Originally posted by Jewelzz
Also, Moved to Problems & Feedback
Mr Admin I feel such an Ass please remove this article and subject...:eek:

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The theme for the forums is purchased code, the modified code for the frontpage is something I have spent many hours carefully going over.

Removing glitches, some of which I have seen on another site that used a saved html copy of our frontpage. Kinda an honour, but when they start asking for your source (which will be released to the vn site soon anyway, its just a pisstake.


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There have been similar threads in the past, as when people spot another site/forum with the same theme, they think that we had the theme first.

I should imagine that if a member from one of the other forums saw NTFS, they would think that we stole the theme.

Most just dont realise that it's a purchased theme which EP has tweaked to our/his liking for ntfs. :)

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my liking takes preference.
I am hopig my vn port of the ekko theme is fairly unique and does look different to those that Ihave seen on other sites.


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Why would we want 6 skins?!
Besides, for every new skin all the hacks and tweaks need to re-applied, so it's not very time effective.


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hmmm i think it would be nice to have a wide choice......but i know it does take a lot of time 2 tweak the scins right.

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