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and now Norton AntiVirus 2002 problem.......help!!



i had Norton AV 2003 installed in my win XP pro, but when i want to do a "Full System Scan" it starts scanning, but, when scanning my documets folder it just keep scanning it, and the folder get started scanning all over again.....and the / sign (to the other side) keeps multiplying (like this C:...//////my documents) every time it starts it gets another / to the count.....what´s happening??

So....i went to uninstall it, and reinstalled NAV 2002, BUT when i wanted to update the NAV program it just didnt installed and this error was in the Details tab "Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 Norton Antivirus NT "
But im not in Windows 2000 nor the NAV NT version, what can i do?????????? please help me......:huh:


You may have some file corruption on your system. Try checking your hard disk for errors. Set it to scan for and recover bad sectors. I have seen NAV crash/lock up when it scans a corrupt file. As to the removal/install, it could all be related...


Not sure about your scanning error, see PCdabbler's post for that :p


It never works out very well when you unistall a newer version of an app and try and install an older version in its place. Make sure that all the leftover files/registry entries are eliminated from the 2003 install before putting 2002 back on your computer. But seriously, if you can figure out the scanning problem, go with NAV2K3. It's more efficient than 2002 and obviously has all the little updates/fixes.

Also, there may be some issues w/ NAV2K3. I can't verify this, but a few people I know that tried to install 2003 have had nothing but trouble with it (whether it upgraded from 2000/2002 or a clean install)...maybe I'm just lucky, my install went fine and I have not had a problem with it since upgrading, but a couple friends ultimately did the same as you and went back to 2002. They also had problems doing this and ultimately had to do as suggested above and remove all registry entries and leftover files/folders.


Try going to the Symantec site and downloading and running SymClean. You can finds it doing a search for SymClean!

Jahya is correct - all of Norton - no matter what version or what program is very touchy about any previous trace of an installation being left behind.

I got NSW2003 installed okay on the first try - but I uninstalled NSW 2002, ran SymClean and Rnav first (a removal tool for NAV).

BTW - there is an Rnav2003.exe removal utility available from Symantec also. It would not hurt to run it as well before you try to reinstall either NSW2002 or NSW2003!
I’ve had machine after machine with this problem especially since 2003 was released or people attempt to upgrade from (say) Norton Utilities (2002) having removed the older version or upgrade to Internet Security the same way. This is because they rely on “Live Update” and on-line registration processes to read and write registry entries on your machine. As a general rule NEVER uninstall any Norton product, overwrite it. If you have to do a duplicate install the quickest way is to remove all references to “Symantec” and “Norton” from the registry followed by all directories/folders of the same name but note that you must be logged on as the administrator. In XP Home this can only be accessed from “Safe Mode” with view all files (system and hidden enabled) or you will just go round and round in circles.

It’s about time they fixed this hassle as it must be costing them many thousands of dollars in lost sales (or will be).

:) :) :)

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