AMD XP 2200+ bus speed?


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I have a AMD XP 2200+ (should be running at 2.0 Ghz).

Which bus speed and multiplier should I use to get 2.0?

Thanks in advance!


Long gone and now back!
yes it is 2 ghz... and about manual and auto, the mb is straight out of the packet so I haven't changed anything...


Long gone and now back!
Humm... maybe it only is 1.8... I kinda remembered from the store that it was 2.0... i guess it's only 1.8 then...


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Originally posted by monmusion
So you say u have a 2200+, well they only run at 1800, not 2000, just go look around. What speed is it telling you that it is?
thats completely true...

a 2200+ rated cpu from amd runs @ 1.8ghz..

the fsb = 133 and the clock multiplier is 13.5 if I remember correctly..

thereby 133x13.5 = 1.8ghz or thereabouts..

if you are pushing it to 2.0ghz that is an overclock of 200mhz... you have to make sure you have the adequate cooling installed and adequate knowledge of oc'ing and risks involved before doing it...

if you are asking what you should be doing in order to get the overclock to 2.0ghz... that would entirely depend on your system... you can increase the fsb or drop the clock multiplier and increase the fsb... but remember to protect your agp/pci from burning out (usb devices too)...

once you have factored everything in.. try increments of around 3-5mhz for the first couple of oc's and if there are probs scale back to last stable and go up in single mhz increments...

have fun...

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