Amd Vs Intel

Which one?

  • AMD 64 X2 6400 Windsor 3.2GHz

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  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz

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to be honest i don't know why people put so much emphasis on there cpu.

threw out the years i've had amd based computers and intel based computers. i noticed no difference between them. even currently, i went to look on one of my pcs to see its specs and didn't even realize it was using an amd cpu. these days, there really isn't much difference between them.

best thing to do is to build your computer around the motherboard that you like and what it supports instead of basing it all on the cpu.
actually.... there isn't much difference.... unless you're a gamer. AMD used to take the crown quite often in the gaming market, until the Core 2's came out. ever since then, AMD has been lacking. even AMD's new quad cores can't really keep up. And seeing as lancer clearly said it's for a gaming rig.... Intel would be the best choice.... especially when asking about a dual core vs. a quad core.
My amd x2 was pretty nice, but had no comparison to the C2D (same specs) the machine had a much better feel, so i jumped and got a quad core...couldn't be happier!

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