AMD v INTEL stresstest

uh oh, Toms Hardware is doing another Intel Vs. AMD review... You know he's all about Intels...

But at least the AMD is beating out the Intel. 2 reboots. sheesh.


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_kC_ said:
2 reboots for intel so far... no surprise:p

[font=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]After comprehensive analysis of all components we identified the source of the problem. The Tagan-built power supply TG480-U22 delivered a standby voltage of 5V, however could not be turned on again. Our test engineers suspected the Tagan device to be the problem already the day before, since the system demonstrated similar behavior then. Our power supply test station finally cleared any doubts and confirmed this device to be the problem's origin. The failed component from Tagan will stay in THG's test lab in Munich until the end of the test and can be reviewed by the manufacturer.
BUT, if you read it the right way, the computer Turned off, which is not a reboot. They have listed 2 reboots. But yes. If you check out the times, it works out that when they put in the new PSU, the computer hasn't crashed. :)


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Maybe they should actually run a real test, like how much work is accomplished in the same time under load. Just running at 100% CPU and seeing who dies first doesn't really say much.

When I recompiled KDE a long time ago on my P2 400 FreeBSD box the CPU was at 100% for 4 days and it did not crash.


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My CPU stays at 100% all the time. F@H
It's OC'd
The video card is OC'd
I play games.
Video ripping, importing, exporting etc...

It's a joke. Plain and simple. Buy what you think is the best for what you want to do.
but you gotta admit it Intel sux nowadays, but just wait till their dual procs hit the shelve i bet theyll blow AMD away into the gutters where it belongs ;) and as for pentium-m using Yonah core its gonna be goodbye to A64 DTRS! muhahahah.......... or maybe not. we will have to wait and see but im sure Intel has learnt a thing or to from AMD.........


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Both lost.

Neither one was as stable as mine, running XP home-pro (it depends on where you look). Mebey part of the beta left????

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I only rebooted as the Omega drivers were corrupting some icons and I reinstalled the ATI drivers.


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You cant really pick who is better in stress cause some people have cpu's that take a crap before there expected life time and some that last way way longer. It just depends on the chip some are faulty and some aint.


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It's all really a matter of personal opinion but there are some chipsets out there *cough*SiS*cough* that are just absolute crap and will slow the system down a fair amount.

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