AMD not running at full speed.



I just built my new machine and and i have a AMD XP 2100+ and Windows XP Pro is reconizing it as a AMD XP 1500+..... All the drivers are installed fine, but as i was reading my motherboards manule (gigbyte kt400) it says that theres a switch which i need to configure according to the fsb and clk ratio... I have the chart for the settings... I just cant find the fsb and clk speeds.. some1 find them plz!

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AMD Athlon 2100+ (1.733G) 266MHz

133 fsb < should be a jumper on board get the .pdf manual from boards website

mulitplier x13 would be 1729 but your board should have an auto setting


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You need to post the full model number for your motherboard....if you are still stuck so we can look it up and nudge you in the right direction.


Thank you so much.. after i got that info all i had to do was on this switch on the mobo w/6 switches (on/off) i went O O X O X O
and it worked.. Again thanks

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